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Service - Annual Tune Ups

service - annual tune-up

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Due to the high cost of fuel oil, now more than ever it is important to have your heating system cleaned.

Before your next heating season arrives, tuning up your heating system will let you rest assured that it will run optimally. A tune-up by one of our expert service technicians yields many benefits, including:

A heating system that operates efficiently
A tune-up means making sure that your heating system is working efficiently, therefore providing the same satisfying warmth by burning less fuel.

Saving money on energy bills
By reducing the amount of fuel your heating system uses to heat your home, you'll be saving money as well! A tune-up means up to 5% off your annual energy bills.

Preventative maintenance
When one of our skilled, trained professionals comes to your home to perform the tune-up, he will be looking for potential problems with your heating system before they become costly out-of-pocket repairs.

Mike and Sons Tune-Up consists of the following:

  • Vacuuming and cleaning all heating surfaces within the furnace or boiler
  • Removing and cleaning the flue pipe with our vacuum cleaner
  • Examining the chimney for plugging. If chimney is plugged, it will be brought to your attention
  • Installing a new oil filter and gasket
  • Installing a new pup strainer and gasket
  • Replacing oil burner nozzle
  • Cleaning oil burner
  • Testing all controls
  • Check oil lines and fittings
  • Perform efficiency test

Please call us to make an appointment to have your system cleaned.



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