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Welcome to Mike and Sons Oil

We have been a family-owned and operated business since 1949.

The oil business in general is very competitive and even more so these days. At Mike and Sons we don't believe in gimmicks, we keep things simple....reasonable prices, quality products and dependable service. In our quest to be the best in the field, Mike and Sons offers automatic and will-call deliveries.

We deliver Fuel Oil, K-1 Kerosene and Diesel Fuel.

You are guaranteed to be pleased with the efficient manner in which we make our fuel oil deliveries and service calls to your home or business.

Our Goals at Mike and Sons are:

1. To supply our customers with quality products from main distribution centers. Today more than ever, you must know who your suppliers are. We buy from three major suppliers to assure ample supply.

2. To ensure our prices are in line with our competitors. On-time payment is encouraged by offering a discount of $.10 per gallon if payment is received within 7 days of delivery. Also if budget payments are current, the discount applies.

3. We don't believe in gimmicks to entice people to switch over their service to us. We do believe in honestly and a straight-forward approach to marketing our products and services.

We offer these services 24 hours a day... 365 days a year.

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